i wonder how many people i’m in the “i’d be down if you asked” zone with

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me: sorry I’m late i had to pet some cats on the way here

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u know when u really like someone and literally every little thing they do is cute and no matter what face they make they always look perfect to you

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tbh there are literally only like three people in the world who i can hang out with for more than four or five hours without wanting to strangle them

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The difference between period pains and getting kicked in the balls is that one is a compulsory monthly event and the other one is probably because you were being a dick.

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1st base: reblogged my selfie
2nd base: tagged/perfect

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"you’re so full of yourself" no i had a lot of insecurites and a low self esteem which i worked extremely hard to overcome and now i realize that im awesome and i dont care if you think otherwise

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When you realize that someone is only being nice to you because they want something


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